Ultrasonido GE Logiq P9

The GE Logiq P9 is a mid-end, but truly feature-riched multi purpose diagnostic ultrasound system that covers wide range of applications with high-end options and perormance proven transducers. The GE Logiq P7 and P9 share the same system platform. The GE Logiq P9 has benchmarked strengths of Logiq E9, Logiq S8, and Logiq e, but some of features are better than those reference systems. Because Logiq P9 and Logiq P7 shares GE’s proven advanced imaging algorithms and modules from referenced systems, an investor with a reasonable budget range can enjoy superb image quality, comfort and easy workflow interface, and GE’s automated functions and technologies. The GE Logiq P7 and P9 designed with large 21.5 inch LCD monitor, accessible 10.4 inch touch screen, and upgradable 4 transducer probe ports. The GE Logiq P7 and P9 has applied GE Logiq series’s console and workflow design so that an user can easily adjust his/her working style from other GE systems. Quite a number of user defied keys, intuitive console design, and 10.4 inch touch screen enable an user to customize workflow perferences and populate the alrge touch screen with use case presets a user desgnate.